#4: 2017 in Review

Hello! It’s Christmas Special time, magic is in the air! And Ali & Mike are very casually discussing the best and worst films, TV, games… but mostly films… of 2017.  

On the agenda today:
 – Zelda (of course)
 – Kingsman: The Golden Circle (hint: we didn’t like it)
 – Super Mario Odyssey
 – Horizon: Zero Dawn
 – Blade Runner 2049
 – Ali’s students’ antics
 – Life lessons from 2017
 – Living out in the country (again)
 – Blue Planet 2
 – Overcooked
 – Neo Yokio
 – Style over substance
 – Black Mirror
 – Panicky social fiends
 – The Handmaid’s Tale and… style WITH substance?
 – A shout-out to our Japanese listeners!
 – Contact details for the show?
 – Live show Twitter selfie

And finally, contact details! Tweet us a question and we’ll try and answer it on next show:
–  Twitter: @RMPGPod
–  Email: realmenplaygames_AT_gmail.com
–  Leave us a review: Apple Podcasts

Enjoy, thank you for listening and have a fantastic, beautiful, re-energising, wonderful Christmas and New Year every one.

Music by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License